Kate L. Lewis

“Eve’s Eden is a novelette, rich in tone and relevant to today’s audiences.” –Chanticleer Reviews

Eve’s Eden can now be purchased at Village Books.

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cover image of  Eve's Eden showing the title, the author Kate L. Lewis and an image of two apples and seeds

Cover Illustration by Lillie Brown

The Vanguard Drama House and Social Club is a place for creatives, activists, and seekers. On this night, the Vanguard brings together two women with vastly different backgrounds with religion to observe how the original story of the Garden of Eden has influenced misogyny.  Shelly Hart is a patron of the Vanguard Drama House whose views on religion and misogyny are about to be expanded when she watches Fran Miller, a debut playwright, share her own experience with religion and misogyny throughout her life. Fran Miller has written a play that aims to reframe the original story through the eyes of Eve to the dismay of the protestors outside. ISBN 9780578315133
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